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Personal Yoga, Healing and Wellness Guidance Program

Are you ready to step into your power, increase your confidence and embody your innate worth? Show up for yourself by investing in your mental, emotional and physical health. You are worth it, you deserve to be seen and heard, you are valuable and you deserve to feel happy and most importantly, HEALTHY in all areas of your life. We all tend to put our health and wellness (mental and emotional also) last until something happens or there is a disheartening diagnosis. Don’t wait any longer. How your life will transform during this 12 week program: 

● 12 Weekly Health & Wellness Coaching calls, or in person (if local)

                                      ~Option to add~
● 12 Weekly Personal Yoga Sessions, virtual or in person (if local)

Benefits of Yoga:
♥ Increased flexibility, strength and balance
♥ Improved circulation, energy and sleep
♥ Balance hormones and metabolism
♥ Greater self-acceptance, self-confidence and clarity
♥ Reduce tension, swelling and overall pain


● Learn how to eat intuitively, start making conscious eating choices and live in a conscious body.
● Make yourself a priority by showing up for yourself in a massive way, healing old
memories/wounds, looking at patterns that you would like to restructure and live a life of emotional freedom.
● Take your strength and stability to a new level.
● Transform tired energy into useful energy
● Embody your innate worth and your innate value.
● Feel lighter in your body mentally, emotionally and physically, after releasing the dense energy
that you have been storing for years.
● Learn to love and appreciate yourself in a BIG way.
● Enhance your relationships by loving yourself so much on the inside, you will exude love on the outside.

My passion in life is to provide a safe and comforting space of unconditional love and healing so that you can move from a place of chronic dissatisfaction, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to living a life of emotional freedom, pure self-love, inner-peace and joy. We all deserve to live a life full of happiness and joy and I will help you tap into that part of you. I know what it is like. I lived a lifetime full of addiction, chronic negativity, dissatisfaction and depression. My transformation changed everything for me and I was shown the single biggest catalyst that changed it all for me. I learned how to love myself. 

Or call/message me:


Ph: 805-663-8162

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