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Yoga for Stress Relief and Positive Energy

  • Transform tired energy into useful, positive energy

  • End the cycle of chronic dissatisfaction and negativity 

  • Develop a deeper connection to yourself

  • Increase strength and flexibility


My primary focus is to faciliate inner-healing with the promotion of health, wellness and inner peace. I am dedicated to our collective and common call towards transformation and the inevitable shift to a higher consciousness. Are you ready to take the dive into your mind, body and soul?

I offer several options to suit your needs. Maybe you are on vacation or maybe you want to practice yoga in the privacy of your own home. I will come to you and teach yoga at all of your parties. I also have gift certificates available if you would like to gift yoga to a friend or family member.

PRIVATE YOGA PACKAGES (60 minute sessions):

1 session - $95 each

3 sessions - $90 each

5 sessions - $85 each

Gift cards available.

Yoga by the Ocean


      Ph: 805-663-8162

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